Cookie policy

This site uses cookies to improve your experience.

A cookie is a small file that our site saves on your computer and is used to remember useful information about your browser session, specifically:

  • session_id This is a system-generated code to identify the browser session.
  • cross site request forgery (CSRF) token This is a system-generated code that our system uses to ensure that any form data you submit is actually submitted by you and not by some malicious third party code pretending to be you.
  • 'flash' messages These are useful notifications that are sometimes displayed following some user action. For example, when a user logs out they may see a message such as "You have successfully logged out". The message is stored in the cookie so that it can be displayed on the following page. As soon as the message is displayed, it is permanently deleted from the cookie.
  • dismiss_cookie_notice By default, you will see a cookies notification at the top of the web site. This message will remain visible until you press 'x' to dismiss it. Doing so sets a special flag in your cookies so that our web site knows not to display the message any more.

Our cookie does not contain any further personal details.


The only third party cookies that are created when you visit this site are from Google Analytics. This site uses Google Analytics to get an insight into how visitors typically use our site. For example, we like to see what pages are the most and least used, what kind of devices people use to access the site, and so on. This helps us make decisions about how to improve the site in future. This information is only available to us at an aggregate level, that is we cannot identify individual visitors.

Google Analytics also creates a cookies when you access this web site. More information about Google Analytics and your privacy.


You can choose to disable cookies in your web browser. Doing so will not affect your ability to view the content of our site. More information about cookies.