Derek Laud is a broadcaster, author, writer and TV personality. In addition, he has an extensive portfolio of business interests. He has appeared on many popular TV programmes, including The Graham Norton Show, BBC Question Time, The Alan Tichmarsh Show, BBC Breakfast, ITV’s Ladette to Lady, Newsnight and The politics Show. He writes regularly for the Mail on Sunday Newspaper and has also written for The Independent on Sunday, The Daily Telegraph, and The Sun.

He was a contestant in Big Brother in 2005 and recieved more votes in that contest than the entire shadow cabinet combined, polled in the last General Election. Derek has popular appeal amongst ordinary voters and was voted “Britain’s best loved Tory”, in third place, after Churchill and Thatcher in 2005.

He has many interests, including playing competitive tennis, horse riding, reading, music and silence. He is currently writing a book on the “Rise in the popularity of reality TV”.